Monday, December 11, 2017 right now...

my sweet big little boy.
this photo is of nothing, nothing other than my life.
my hubby is gone. the younger two have croup, which at times can mentally and emotionally cripple me to my core. we don't have a great track record.
gianna is 7 days in and still steroid free. i am fighting for my strong little girl. she always says, "i can do it mom. i brave!!" oh yes, you are.
isaac started with croup last night. he is pretty happy at times, but we shall see what night brings.
i am a planner. i was looking ahead at my lesson plans ahead and struggling with a feeling in my heart that things needed to change.
we seem to be in a rut with some books that are a bit less interesting for my young man. he is all into boy right now (planes, helicopters, dinosaurs...). i love useful skills/crafts/activities. i saw a picture from a friend and it inspired me to research what she was doing.
i downloaded a different curriculum.
ha. something i thought i would never do.
i am excited though.
i decided this is a perfect opportunity for me to work on my fear. i think that is the cross i struggle the most with right now. fear of croup.
one day hour at a time.
i walked around the corner to them, just living.
and it was perfect. in spite of my tired eyes, it was beauty it it's simplicity.