Thursday, October 19, 2017

...noah's ark, fears, and shadows...

"the corner in the hall where i'm sometimes rather frightened by the shadows on the wall..but hand in hand with Jesus I'd be perfectly all right."

we spent the last two days working learning about shadows (to make them fun!!) and fears. this was a perfect segue into Noah's ark. this packet is fantastic. i think it is by far the best we have done so far. i intended to use these perfect little dowels for some shadow puppets, but misplaced them. we used pipe cleaners instead. we attempted to trace our silhouettes, but the kids weren't too interested as the gorgeous outdoors were hard to ignore. we picked up a stack of go-along books from the library. this was a beautiful addition. this was the first style of book we have viewed (the illustrations were very detailed and it told the entire story as it was wordless). gabe was awestruck.

this little apple game is wonderful! gianna felt included as she was responsible for putting the apples on the tree, and then gabe would "pick" them and place the correct number on the basket. we will be playing this a few times before the row is over.

 my attempt at a pterodactyl. they are the current favorite dinosaur.

he breezed through the phonics this week.

  he loved the little letter searches! i think he felt like they were a crossword puzzle extension, something steve and i do every sunday and he desperately tries to help.
 the storyboard was a hit.