Friday, September 22, 2017

...38|52: Apple Farm...

This morning, we took a field trip to a local apple farm. it was hot and humid. we will go back when the weather is much cooler for a tour. today, we were on a mission for some cider and donuts to take to dad's office over lunch. 
i like the idea of taking a field trip on friday. the kids had a wonderful time.
 gabe...he was so confident when he decided to use the rope swing. he hasn't tried something like this before, but decided he could! taekwondo was wonderful this week. at story time, miss karen was reading a book and asked what birds had dark feathers...gabe was full of detailed answers: golden eagles...bald eagles...barred rocks!!! she looked at me with the last one and then i quickly explained they were our type of hens. she giggled and responded, "i was thinking something simple like a crow." gabe was proud of his answers.

 gianna...i am watching her grow into a confident girl and it is truly beautiful. she doesn't always need gabe by her side. he is still her best friend, but she will often decide how things will be played and where she wants to play. she tells me every night, "see you the morning." yes, dollface. she always says "mom, you so pretty.." i respond, "you are gorgeous." this week, i used a different word....and she stopped me, "no...i gwowgeous.." so cute.

isaac..oh little man. you make the most adorable car noises. you enjoy pushing them around. you have taken a handful of steps.....sooooo soon. this was taken moments before you took a header on the concrete. you took it in stride. you are in love with animals of any type. i could hardly keep you away from the kittens at the farm. you definitely sound like you call us each "mumum" and "dededed"