Wednesday, January 7, 2015

...26 Months...

Our days are filled with so much laughter because of Gabe. Look at that smile and those eyes.
. . .

 . . .

I can't believe you are two.

Some favorite things about you right now:
You are a very sweet young man. You love your "Sis" and always make sure she is covered with a blanket. "Oh, no! Ba!"

You love: buses, (Wheels on the bus is your favorite), tools, measuring with a tape measure, using a hammer (Glug glug), drills (zzz), cream cheese, waffles, your bubble mower from Uncle Brian.

You learned the word sit this week and said your first independent sentence. I asked if you wanted to lay on Gianna's play mat. You said, "No. Me sit." I hope I remember that look on your face forever. You were so proud. Later that night, when Dad was playing with you in your room, you placed Frog, Duck and Dino on the red chair. You then said, "Frog sit. Duck sit. Dino sit."

You love to read. We read dozens of books a day. Well, truth be told, it is usually the same book over and over. Each week it changes.
You have a friend for a few days. Some days it is Frog from Nana, some days Monkey.

You are quite smitten with blanketing your toys. Right now, the three monkeys follow you from room to room and you carefully cover them in wet wipes. We are working on not needing fresh ones every time we switch rooms. I caught a glimpse with my phone.

You love Jesus. (Geez).

You love to help bake. You help me unload the dishwasher every morning.

One of my favorite things is our Monday vacuuming tradition. That is the only time you are allowed to use the ghastly mower from Busia. After we put Gianna down for her morning nap, you help "Mow." You were terrified of the vacuum initially and would often kennel you and Liesel.

Any large object is spoken in a deep "BIG (object)." Any small object is a "small (object)."

Love you, little man.

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