Monday, January 12, 2015

...4 months...


Gianna Marie.
You are 14.9lbs and 26in.
You are one long skinny girl.
You sleep from 7PM until 8 (usually).
You take two naps a day (930-1130; 1-330).
You love baths.
Rolling from front to back has been your favorite for a long time now.
You love to "walk."
Velociraptor. You screech and talk constantly. Nana says you are truly my daughter.
You chew on everything and drool constantly. No sign of teeth!
You wear 12 month clothes (or should be :)).


1 comment :

  1. She is precious; what a beautiful picture! And what a sleeper! I pray that she never hits the 4 month sleep regression... :-)