Tuesday, January 13, 2015

..a glimpse at today...


Making: Chili and cornbread for dinner. Another single digit day.
Drinking: My coffee. I am two sips in and it is 934.
Reading: I just took back all of the library books (for me). For Gabe? He is stuck on The Little Engine that Could.
Wanting: To feel better. This is my first bout with the flu. Right now, the loss of a voice is wildly amusing to a toddler. Me? Not really.
Watching: The sun make the crusty snow sparkle outside my window. Beautiful.
Listening: Adele
Eating: Carrot/Apple salad. It is now nap time.
Smelling:  My bubbling crockpot.
Wishing: I could go run. Steve was home. One more snuggle from each kid before naps.
Enjoying: Looking my sweet children sleeping on the monitor. I love watching them sleep.
Loving: Having two kids, honestly.
Hoping: Warm weather later in the week. Countless sled rides. A weekend with friends.
Needing: To clean.
Feeling: Content.
Wearing: I shouldn't admit that it is 1:08 and I am not dressed, yet.

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