Friday, January 30, 2015

...Christmas 2014...


Christmas 2014. 
Gabe, didn't understand the excitement, which was very sweet. We went to Mass on Christmas eve (in the driving rain!). We didn't go up North as we had before, so it was a quiet Christmas Eve with just the four of us. We had nachos for dinner.

Our morning started at 7 with cinnamon rolls. Gabe didn't really want to open anything. We try to keep things simple. Bath bubbles, a bike, and a practical stocking (playdoh, an ornament, crayons etc.) My grandparents gift the great-grandkids (family) with a Hess truck. They are absolutely beloved toys. The rest of the day was spent just enjoying each other. 

Uncle Jacob and Aunt Sammi stopped by the next day for the afternoon. Uncle Brian and Kristi arrived as well and stayed for the weekend. Lots of laughter, food, pictionary and love.

We celebrated Christmas with Grandpa, Grandma, and Busia on January 2. We did a Christmas book basket this year via the library. It was relatively successful, however you almost always requested the Grinch. We read it almost every day during Advent. You were actually able to watch it at Grandpa and Grandmas and shout "Poo Poo" to the Whos. 

The best part? Having Dad home every day for two weeks.  


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