Tuesday, January 6, 2015

...Our Year in Review...

I decided to stop blogging almost a year ago.
We were too busy.
I was to ill. (babe #2)
I didn't have the right focus.
But I want to remember that last year and the simple details every day.
Where to start:
 We were in the midst of selling our house. I was very sick and struggling to stay a float with nasty weather, a toddler, and home showings.


We sold our home and moved to a rental in Milan. A midst the boxes and searching for a new home, we found a new normal for a few months.
We traveled to Utah for my little sister's wedding. My entire family stayed in a vacation home. So. Much. Fun. I am thankful that the morning sickness eased (around 20 weeks).
We found a home!
We closed on our house on a Tuesday evening. 4 PM. Gabe and I spent the next morning at our new house, doing what boys do, digging in the dirt.
We left for Pennsylvania for a few days to visit family. We would return and have a few weeks to get the new house cleaned before our lease expired. Or so we thought.
We received a call from the previous owner just as we reached the border (4 hours in). Vandalism. I don't think we will ever forget that moment.
We were told that it could have been worse. It could have, but tell that to a prego. We lost all of the floors/doors/windows in our house. They destroyed the pool. We spent the next four days dealing with insurance, police, and renovations.
Unfortunately, our home was uninhabitable and our lease was up. We moved into a hotel for three weeks. Gabe and I took daily trips to the house and supervised construction. I had three days to pick out new flooring, paint, hardware etc. It takes me five minutes to determine my flavor of toothpaste. The hotel was fun...for about two days.
I always wondered if the home improvement shows over dramatized the stress and emotions. I can tell you first hand, they do not. We finally got flooring and windows in the middle of July and moved in. It was chaos. There were typically ten people doing construction from 7-5 every day. Nap times were disrupted. Lots of tears and stress. But we survived.
Kitchen renovation had been originally planned for right after closing. That was postponed until August. We lived without a kitchen for two months. Thank goodness for grills and utility sinks.
Construction finished the week (the middle of September) my family arrived for my brother's wedding. We hosted eighteen people for a week.
Oh....we had a Baby!
Our daughter was born on September 7. More on that later.
Life slowed down. We readjusted to a family of four.
Life is good. God is good.

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