Thursday, February 19, 2015

...Ash Wednesday...

The three of us went to an Ash Wednesday service as Steve went before work. He stopped back by on his way through and Gabe was very concerned with the ashes, "Uh oh...Uh oh."

We talked about it on the way to the church. Once there, I quietly mentioned to him that Gianna and I were going up to receive ashes from Fr. Don and asked if he wanted to come. He said no. So he stayed in the pew and we went up. When returned, he asked to go up. I kept repeating, "Are you sure? You want the cross on your forehead? Are you sure?"


So some sweet lady let us cut back into the line. Just as Fr. Don was about making the sign, he started to get really upset. Big crocodile tears, and upset NOs erupted. He started to run away. Sweet boy. I felt so sorry for how upset he was (and for Fr. Don as he loves Gabe). We made it back to the pew in almost one piece, sans ashes. I received several Grandma nods of "I've been there."

Maybe next year.


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