Tuesday, February 3, 2015

...Best Friends...

We had a really eventful weekend. We went to Steve's annual company party, which is always  a lot of fun. It was my first date night in quite a while. We were really fortunate that the party was only 15 minutes from Uncle Brian's house. He and soon to be Aunt Kristi watched the kids for the evening. I rushed back to put them to bed and feed Gianna, but it all went well. We actually stayed out until 10PM. Crazy. I sadly didn't even get as much as a cell phone picture. But I will remember it. We were able to swing dance, one of my favorite things to do with him.

We drove back during a snow storm that ended up dumping close to 18" at our house. It is beautiful to look at, I must say. We haven't been able to enjoy it much, mostly due to sickness and the the chilly temperatures.

It has been really difficult to keep them away from each other. However, I am fairly certain he has the same virus she had. Yesterday, Gabe looked absolutely miserable. His eyes and nose were running like a faucet. He is constantly chewing on his fingers as his two year molars aren't in quite yet. I glanced into the den and notice them holding hands. They were gabbering in their respective languages.

We due, however, go through buckets and bowls of snow a day. He loves to use measuring teaspoons and eat it. Today was the first day he felt like doing anything other than cuddling and reading books. I did really enjoy the cuddles, but I am so thankful he is starting to feel better.

Gianna found her knees yesterday. I love when babies are at this stage.


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