Friday, February 13, 2015

...missing dad...

We spend hours upon hours coloring. I think more than half of your crayons are missing. However, there are several pieces of each one :).
You always have me draw something and then color right over it.
I have probably drawn 300 school buses of varying colors and sizes.
I am hoping you are artistic like your dad.
Dad was gone most of this week. This is the first week in the last year that you haven't seen him. Every morning, you run into our bedroom and yell "Dad! Dad!"
I keep telling you, "He will be home soon."
I have had many extra hours of cuddling because of it. You don't see him much during the week (as much as me...silly work), but those hours are so important.
I can't wait to watch your face as he walks through the door.


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