Friday, February 27, 2015

...driving his car...

I finally found a box to turn into a car for Gabe. We spent the morning cutting and coloring. Once it was complete, he spent close to two hours sitting in his car.

You ate an apple, talked on the phone, read a book. At one point, you had your feet dangling out the door with your hand resting out the side. I blinked and you were sixteen.

 Elephants make the best of friends.

This morning, you sat down and started reading the newspaper. It was precious, furrowed brow and all. You had your first cup of tea this week. You felt so old and loved to plunk your teabag before taking a sip.

One morning this week, you ran down stairs after waking up and yelled "my dad" as you literally threw yourself into his arms. That was quiet possibly the most beautiful thing.

The weather appears to be warming up next week, and I am ever glad. I am about out of ideas. We spent the week making construction paper people, buses, and bugs. I think your snow diet is down to only 5 gallons this week, one teaspoon at a time.



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