Thursday, February 5, 2015

...How We Met...

How we met stories. Engagement stories. Birth stories. 

I love a good story. Sadly, I am starting to forget the details. I loved my parents story. Here is ours:

It is sad to say that I don't quite remember Steve when we met for the first time. It was March of 2009. Fort Collins was pummeled with snow. My roommate, a fellow graduate student (engineering), and I decided to organize an impromptu sledding party. Classes were canceled, research could wait. We called our circle of friends, quite an eclectic mix of graduate students and FOCUS students, and headed out sledding. 

We sledded for a few hours and then many went back to our little yellow house for hot chocolate and $5 Hot-n-readys. I think most people stayed for a few hours. Apparently, I talked to Steve quite a bit. I honestly don't really remember him (which still bothers him ;)). I do know he had a beard (he promptly shaved) and an air compressor (vital as many of our inner-tubes were flat). 
Tour De Fat. Captain Morgan and Pippi Longstocking.

That was it. Everyone left. 

My roommate and I ran off and on together for the time we lived together. She then started running with a running group (organized by Steve, a grad student in her department). I was never able to go as it conflicted with my crazy research schedule. I finally made it one time, probably in April, and suggested we started running at 6AM. It worked! As weeks past, there was a constant flux of people that showed up for a run. We all would meet in a parking lot of a park and take off at our respective paces.  We usually met up at the end and planned the next run. Some days, there were 8 people, other days 3-4. 

That is all it ever was for about 5 months. We were both in relationships with other people at the time. We ran four days a week. Said good morning and have a good day.

As fall approached, (Steve's version) he found out via my roommate that I was no longer in a
Insane Race. 5 miles up and down a few cliffs.
relationship. The month of August arrived, and we found each other as the only two people who showed up for runs (isn't everyone up for a 6AM run on a Saturday??). I remember talking to my mom after several runs and she mentioned I spent a lot of time running with this guy. I shrugged it off and said we were just friends.

We did a run one Saturday morning at a grueling place called Devils Backbone. It was hot and hard. At the end of the run, exhausted, the two of us sat on a bench parking lot and talked for two hours. I will never forget how handsome he looked. His eyes. What I didn't realize, was that he had convinced the other constant runner to not show up. Sneaky. 

My phone rang that evening. It was Steve. I was an anxious wreck as I locked my self in the laundry room and sat on the dryer. He said something about "their" plans to the baseball game fell threw. He wanted to know if I wanted to go to the drive-in instead. I tried not to think anything of it but was panic stricken when he showed up at my house. Alone. But I convinced myself it wasn't a date. So we picked up a pizza and headed to the drive-in. The Fort Collins drive-in is what everyone does. A $5 double feature, tons of families, birthday parties. The first movie was stupid (chick flick; I was too embarrassed to admit that I watched it the week prior with a friend). He talked the whole time, interjecting "plot flaw," "this is stupid." I don't recommend the second movie as a first non-date/date movie. It wasn't exactly "family friendly." 

Hiking Grey Rock.
I should have started this with: I am naive. Almost too a fault. I went to the restroom during intermission, and when I returned, he had his arm around my seat...I didn't get it. I kept moving away from him, thinking I was reading into things. He was going to think I was being too forward. The movie finished and we talked until 1AM. He drove me home and I gave him a quick hug goodbye. I think I ended it with, "Thanks. I just got out of a relationship. Please take this really slow."

He didn't contact me for three days. Three.

I was livid. (Later he tells me something about me sending mixed signals. Take it slow, she says.). As August came to a close, we casually met a few times for my roommates going away parties. I then convinced myself that I theyy liked each other. The funny thing? She moved away and we kept hanging out. I still didn't get it.

Our first official date, according to him (I didn't think it was a date) was August 20. He made me dinner. We played cribbage and watched baseball. I was promptly swept off my feet.

We spent the next few months running together, playing cribbage, hiked, watching bowling after Mass on Sundays, doing INSANE races. I am competitive as is he. We did a race in the Garden of the Gods. It quite possible ranked with labor. We ran a 10K at 10,000'. We ran a race in a blizzard. We pushed each other to try new things. We took walks, drank tea, went to the coldest NLDS game in history, became best friends.

We spent every waking/nonresearch/nonclass moment together. I took him home to meet my family over Thanksgiving. I went home with him over Christmas. We drove 38 hours in horrific weather. I didn't want it to end.

We were engaged ten days after we got back. That is another story.

My parents always said I did everything in fastforward. I move fast. We dated for four months; it seemed like ten years (NOT to him). Got engaged. I married my best friend. 


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