Monday, February 23, 2015 is the little things...

You found an egg timer in the toyroom (no doubt from a board game). I couldn't believe how fascinated you were. I think you probably watched it for about twenty minutes, all told. I love how it is inherent to stress over finding toys to match development states (etc.) and in the end, you always find the best thing to play with. I love this imagination of yours.

 Those pouty lips. I am hoping your bottom two incisors pop out in the next few days (wishful thinking). Gabe loves to give you ice (teething ring). I love to catch glimpses of you staring at your perfect little hands.

We are getting back into the DIY/building phase. I guess we are gradually easing out of new baby survival mode. We are building a mud organizer in the garage. I need to get it puttied and primed this week, with the goal of painting it this weekend. I am really looking forward to having a place in the garage for the shoes/coats/gloves that winter brings. We picked up lumber for a desktop for our next project, converting two filing cabinets into a desk. I am really thankful for craigslist. We worked on the desktop on Sunday and only have the trim work left. I will then get it sanded and stained.

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