Tuesday, February 10, 2015

...phones and bumbos...

The weather has been quite blustery for the past two weeks. Fortunately, the 18 inches of snow we received last week are starting to disappear, thanks to two days of extreme heat (30s) this weekend. We haven't ventured out much to play as most of the snow was up to Gabe's hips and the stroller can't quite maneuver. Pity.
He hasn't completely tired of bowls of snow, but it is not to far off.
Gianna is finally enamored with her bouncer. I get really excited about having a partially mobile/mobile child. She also likes to sit in the bumbo and watch Gabe's antics.
Gabe has been pretending to be on the phone A LOT this week. At first, his phone was a domino. He would walk around with it in his hand and then quickly look at it, press one of the yellow dots and say, "Oh hey..." I get glimpses of what Steve was like at this age and I love it. He refers to it as his phone. Lately, his phone has become an empty eye shadow container that flips open. He loves to whip it open and put it to his ear.

Many days end with me wondering "what on earth did I do/accomplish today??" Some days, I have concrete lists of perhaps two loads of darks, vacuuming, errands. Most of our days consist of reading lots of books, coloring, playing outside when we can, baking, and painting. I try to just enjoy them and the moment before I blink and it will all be gone.

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