Tuesday, March 17, 2015

...boys love mud...

It is wet out. My laundry has increased exponentially, which I love. We are outside enjoying early spring. Yesterday morning, we went through three outfit changes and two pair of shoes.
Over the weekend, we removed 61 brick pavers that the previous owners had under a trellis. That left a glorious playground for a boy and his excavator. I was a bit behind on laundry from the Sunday demolition. That, combined with three outfit changes, left for the third string pajamas.
Moments after he wheeled his excavator over to the mud pits, he had a slight accident and flipped over backwards...into a pit. You can imagine the mud. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I asked if he was ok, and then watched him to continue to play.  

There was construction work to do! He played for nearly two hours, in dripping wet and muddy clothing. I only convinced him to come in with promises of a bath and lots of bubbles.

  I am only seeing the beginning of the piles of laundry to come. However, that face makes it worth it.


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