Monday, March 23, 2015


We are ready for spring. We have had a few days of warmer weather and it is making me really excited about springtime. We didn't live here last spring and I get really excited every day to see what new bulbs have emerged.

Gianna has finally popped two teeth! It was a really trying three weeks and she was almost inconsolable during waking hours. She surprised us on Friday by sitting up! I was skyping with my sister/kids and just propped her up. I wish I would have her squeal and smile on video. She was delighted to join the ranks of the upright. She isn't very stable yet so I will have to wait for some photos. She has also graduated to the highchair. She still has no desire to try anything. Food is typically met with the "why are you feeding me this awfulness?" I will try again in a few weeks.
Gabe has graduated to a real chair, a gift from our neighbor. He dearly loves Ellen. He asks to go see or talk to her at least a dozen times a day. She just gets boys. We started to cut a trail in the wooded part of our property. Our intent is to make a path (6' wide) around the perimeter (2+ acres). It is currently shoulder deep in brush, most places. We made it about 50 feet on Saturday. Gabe was very content watching Steve chainsaw a way through trees/vines/brush. He is actually trying to talk. I am so very happy. His new word over the weekend is "chapstick." We have already gone through a tube :). He has been incredibly affectionate toward me for the past few days. I love to just stand and hold him for those extra ten seconds before I put him in bed for a nap.



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  1. I love watching my bulbs pop up; one of the best parts of Spring! And how amazing that you are getting to cut your own trails. What an adventure that will be for your family!