Monday, April 27, 2015

...dump trucks...

Friday was a particularly exciting day for Gabe. We had five trees removed from the side of our house this weekend. Aside from the chain sawing, ladder trucks, stump grinding excitement, (a two year olds dream) they managed to get the equipment buried in our front yard.
We sat in the driveway and watched them try to pull out the truck with a tractor  (after six hours of trying) for about twenty minutes. Once they finally pulled it out, Gabe cheered, clapped and asked for more. The workers weren't quite as thrilled as he ;).
We also had 7 yards of topsoil delivered to our driveway for various weekend projects.  Gabe grabbed his shovel and was ready to help. Once they left, we were left with the worlds most amazing pile of dirt. He was in it for about three hours that afternoon. There is only a small pile left, but I loved how something so simple can bring so much joy.
We spent the weekend shoveling dirt. He loved every minute of it.
I love this photo of him. I see Steve.

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