10:36 AM

I fell in love with this little guy a few months ago and decided to try to make them for my kids...by Easter. Well. I managed to get Gabe's frog done. He is definitely in the homely/cute category, which I honestly wanted. He is on the verge of being too homely ;).
I definitely learned a lot about designing a pattern. I will be honest, it was challenging to draft something off a picture when you have never sewn anything like it. I did two versions before I decided I could live with him. I wasn't completely satisfied with his face, but I didn't use a jersey knit as they did. I chose a more durable and less stretchy fabric, which made for a flatter face.
All in all, he is well loved.
His name? Frog. I just love how toddlers think. Practical.
Without further ado, here is Frog.


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  1. He turned out so adorable! Liam isn't creative with names yet either. We have monkey, baby reindeer, etc. Ha!