Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Our mornings are relatively relaxed and consistent. Both kids go to sleep somewhere between 7 and 730. They are typically both up for the morning by 7.
Gabe usually starts calling me "MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!" until I open the door and (for some reason) tell him he can get down. He then runs to our bedroom to look for Steve. Steve has been out the door by 530-6 the last few mornings. He loves to pick out his clothes. Fortunately, his love of his red polish eagle shirt is diminishing and he has a broader interest. Gianna usually talks on the den floor while I get Gabe breakfast and inhale a cup of coffee.
I try and do the daily readings as soon as Gabe is done eating. We were up pretty early yesterday and the sun was just breathtaking coming over the trees. Gabe agreed to a photo, but just one. Fortunately, Gianna can't have an opinion yet ;).

We decided to go to a few antique stores yesterday and today. I was a bit hesitant as taking a toddler to an antique shop sounds like a disaster. However, he was fantastic. Yesterday, he just rode in the stroller. Today, he asked if he could walk and agreed to not touch anything. We had so much fun combing through the different vender booths and talking about treasures.

I have a few items in mind and found one to cross of my list today! Well..two, but the second wasn't on the list. There were a few more shops in the sleepy town we drove to, but we were nearing lunch time. I can't wait to go back!

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