Monday, April 13, 2015

...smores from the weekend...

We had the most gorgeous weather this weekend. Fortunately, we were able to get some much needed yard work done. Many of the plants/flower beds have been neglected for a few years prior to us moving here. We have quite a bit to do to catch  up...but every little bit counts.
We raked, weeded, laid tarp and rock, pulled out a tree, worked on building a bridge, sat in front of a fire and enjoyed the weather. We were tired last night, but the good tired.
Once again...I sadly have only a few cell phone pictures! I really struggle with making sure I try to enjoy the moment. This weekend, my camera sat in the house.

Gabe had his first smore over Easter (in Montana) and loved it! I can't blame him. Goodness. We had quite a bit of sticks and wood to burn yesterday, so he was pretty excited when we said we could roast marshmallows. Steve and he went to find sticks for the marshmallows. Gabe came back with a 12 foot curved tree limb. He was so proud. After we made him a marshmallow, he grabbed a limb that was about 1" in diameter and asked to do it himself. Love this kid.
Loving her new hat!
We told him to pick a marshmallow stick.
His second choice for a marshmallow stick. Close.


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