Tuesday, April 7, 2015

...the week off...

We are back. 

It was a fantastic week in Montana. We are still jet lagged (landed yesterday) and suffering from missing family, but otherwise doing well.

I didn't take my camera, which was really hard for me!! So....a few cell pictures will have to suffice for my recap.

Gabe, Gianna, and I traveled up to Freeland to stay with our friends for the weekend of Palm Sunday. I went early in the morning with the intent of having them adjust to sleeping at a different house during nap time (WHICH HAS ALWAYS WORKED!!!). Epic disaster. Steve arrived that evening , after work and it was quite frankly the worst night with the kids (in terms of sleep). Gabe was literally up every thirty minutes all night long. I Held Gianna until three. Needless to say, we were tired. Very tired. 

We spent Saturday at Grandma/Grandpa's making packzi (a family tradition) for Easter. Steve and I were able to sneak in a non-stroller run, which was glorious. I snuck in a newborn photo shoot and an engagement shoot over the weekend as well.

We went to Mass at our old Parish for the first time since I was newly pregnant with Gianna. It was nice to see everyone again. We then made the drive home to get ready for our trip the next day.

I intend to write a post on traveling solo with two little kids, as I found nothing that really was useful online. Maybe tomorrow. I have a house that is in dire need of some attention.

Steve drove us to the airport at about 6AM. Our flight took off at 830 and we would eventually land in Montana at 1PM. We honestly had a great trip out. The kids did really well, aside from about ten minutes were I was rethinking my existence as a parent and having heart palpitations. 

There is probably a rule somewhere that forbids cell phone pictures on a blog...oh well.
Waiting for Flight #1.

Really exciting! 

Crashing for 20 minutes on Flight #1.
Celebrating surviving #1 with an ice cream cone.

Crashing on Flight #2. 
 The first three days were a bit of a blur, adjusting to the time change and I really couldn't wait until Steve arrived. The kids played and Gabe learned to talk quite a bit. It was a much needed reprieve from the last few months. I was able to see quite a few friends while staying at my sister's house.

Enjoying the first day snowed the next morning.

Playing with cousin 4 of 5.
Steve arrived Thursday night, after the kids were in bed. My parents arrived Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday night. We talked, laughed, hugged, cried.....played catch with the kids, took them for runs (they biked), made obstacle courses, ate great food. 

It was really great to be home over a holiday as I had forgotten how much I missed cooking with my family. On Easter Sunday, we (4 parents) managed to get 7 kids, under 8 ready for a 730 AM Mass, which felt monumental. 

Friends arrived around 2 and we ate around 3PM. They time flew by and the kids were to bed by 630 as we had to leave at 430 AM.We stayed up talking to my sister/brother in law until midnight. It is funny how that always happens. The best conversations happen late at night.

The flight back was uneventful and we are slowly adjusting ( is 2PM and I am still in my pajamas).

I am off to go reclaim some territory in my house.

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