Wednesday, May 6, 2015

...8 months...

8 Months.

Favorite things: Her brother and dad, being outside, her feet, her thumbs.
She typically goes to bed about 7 and wakes up around 1AM and then is up around 7AM.
She is still taking two naps a day.
Her AM nap is typically 1.5 hours (9-1030) and PM is from 130-330.
Mom told me over Easter how I used to be enamored with my feet, as a baby.
It is funny how simple things can be passed on. She loves her feet.
Her hair is so beautiful and quiet light now.
She is saying "dadada."
She started sitting up this week (5/5) and quickly gets to her hands and knees.
She loves to rock on all fours.
She slaps her side when she nurses.
She loves to touch things with her pointer: my nose, mouth, cheek.

We love you little lady.


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