Wednesday, May 13, 2015

...DIY Photo Clip Board Frames...


I found these while browsing Pinterest (never a good idea ;)) and decided that would look perfect on one of my kitchen walls. I spend many an hour in the kitchen and haven't hung much on the walls.  I am horrible about the finishing touches in a room, particularly those that require PERMANENT damage to a wall. Perhaps it was from years of renting. Those spall nail holes are, you know, paralyzing. BUT!! I am working on that. We have hung about a half dozen things around the house this week!

Here are some steps to create your own!
  1. Decide on your wood species and over all look. Keep in mind the size of photo that you want to display. I had intended on purchasing 8x 10s, so my board was a 1x10 (4' from Menards).
  2. Cut your board. I used a table saw. My final dimensions were ~10 x 12.
  3. Sand your board. Keyhole if desired.
  4. Sand the edges, if desired. I wanted them slightly rounded.
  5. Stain with desired stain. I used MinWax GOLDEN OAK.
  6. I purchased these from Joanns and a container of thumbtacks from Staples.  I initially wanted the larger antique bulldog clips, but couldn't justify $10 a piece. The thumbtacks came it red, white, blue and yellow. So, I used a small sharpie and colored them black. The finish doesn't match perfectly, but it isn't that noticeable as it is inside the hinge clip.
  7. Decide placement of your clip/photo. Use the thumbtack to attach the hinge clip.

I order my photos and decided to try out the 5x5's. I actually liked them the best! I also preferred the black and whites (and of course I only picked one to try!). I will be ordered more photos soon! I love the detail of this board...and maybe that cutie.

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