Tuesday, May 5, 2015

...DIY Vintage Wooden Sign...

I mentioned that I fell in love with this sign. I didn't love the price ($130!) and figured I could make one! I have a few other signs planned, but here are steps to make one:
1/2" plywood (I used birch)
wood to frame (pine 1x3)
stain (Minwax Dark Walnut)
paint (BM White Dove)
step one.
Determine the size you want for a vintage sign. I wanted this for my entry wall. The size that worked best for my space was 10x36. Cut your plywood (they will do this for you at Home Depot, should you not have the tools). Lightly sand (400grit).
step two.
Stain your wood. I used Minwax Dark Walnut. You may need to do multiple coats to achieve the color you want. I did two coats with a rag.
step three.
Paint your wood. I used a 2" brush and left over BM White Dove paint. As this is a vintage look, you don't need 100% coverage. I did very light two coats.
step four.
Sand (400 grit) in a few spots to achieve the vintage look.
step five.
Print your saying. I created my image in Photoshop, inverted it, and then opened it in Acrobat reader. I printed it via the poster setting, which allowed it to be printed on multiple sheets. I then trimmed and taped my pages using painters tape (easier to reposition) Remember, the words should be backwards.
step six.
Tape your pages to the sign. I found painters tape worked well. Gently (lightly) wet the pages with a paint brush. Take a sharpie and gently trace the letters, several times to transfer the ink onto the wood. Remove the paper once you are satisfied with the look. You can also paint over the letters if you want a darker look. .***I ended up redoing my sign as I found the words bled due to too much water. I found the best method is to dip a 2" paint brush in water and then gently sweep across the words. The paper shouldn't look wet.
step seven.
Construct a frame. I used pine 1x3's. The sign I am copying used butt joints, but I thought mine looked a little more finished. We ended up routering an inset, but this wouldn't be necessary. Most sign tutorials I read used an air nailer and nailed the sign to the frame, which would also work) Stain them and gently sand with steel wool. We used a router to keyhole, but a picture frame hook would work also.


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