Wednesday, May 20, 2015

...Here you go Sis...

 "Here you go sis."
I must hear that sentence 27,000 times a morning. He likes to allocate exactly what she can touch. He is quite the negotiator when she has an object he desires.

Sometimes, ok most times, I have a hard time sitting still and just watching them. I am always working on something. I took advantage of them "coloring" peacefully yesterday.
I love the progression.

He was frustrated with her constantly touching the crayons, so he left for a few minutes.
He came back to her having free rein on his empire.
He only likes it when she has the white crayon as he thinks it "broken" and "won't work, mom."
He allocates her crayon.
He is then bored and leaves.
She quickly loses interest and shortly follows.

They are into everything together. She is so enamored with him and tries to follow him everywhere. I find it endearing. He wants so badly for her to be able to play. He constantly rough houses with her (like he plays with the dog), which works as you would expect.

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