Monday, May 11, 2015 mother's weekend...

My mom always said every dad was Mother's Day. I am beginning to agree.
Steve took the kids shopping for flowers on Saturday. Gabe selected flowers for our neighbor and for me. Well, he actually chose trees first, but Steve convinced him to choose something a bit smaller.
After Mass on Sunday, we went over to our neighbor and planted her favorite flowers in her pots out front as a surprise. Gabe was very proud of himself. I love that he has such a good example to emulate.
I married up. I could spend hours talking about how much I love him. I just do. He is one of the most selfless people I know. He loves me every day and in far too many moments where I don't deserve it.
We have been living with two colored shutters since last fall. I managed to paint the lower ones, but we were unable to remove the upper ones due to their method of install. Steve knew it drove me nuts...burgundy on top, indigo on bottom. Oiy. He isn't a big fan of heights, or ladders for that matter. During their naps on Sunday, he painted shutters for me for three hours. Three. They are done and they look awesome. I can think of countless things that he would have rather been doing. He was loving me.
He always tells me how much he loves me. It really is the simple things.
He gave me these two beautiful children.


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