Tuesday, May 12, 2015

...on the move...

Miss Gianna,
You started crawling today. Actually crawling. I was thinking it was close as you had been on all fours and rocking for almost two weeks now. Granted, you only care to if you are going after crayons. You have a an extreme desire for all things crayon. Unfortunately, I purchased the washable kind. This is great for walls, but translates to colored faces and clothing.
We try to keep them out of reach, but you manage to roll toward them. Now, you have added crawling to your arsenal.
I also just so happened to have my phone near by to snag a video. I had an instant flashback to watching home videos as a child, which is something that won't ever be the same. I remember the first camcorder we had. I think it was almost the size of a suitcase and used VHS tapes. It was cumbersome and expensive. We didn't have a lot of videos of the things I capture during the day. In any case, we loved popping them in and reminiscing. Hopefully these will still be around.

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