Wednesday, May 27, 2015

...Our Days...

I haven't ever really written down what are days consist of. They do vary, weather dependent, but we have a pretty consistent schedule right now.
This is what the other day looked like:
630. Gabe starts yelling. "MOM..MOM" Steve is either getting reading or has been gone for quite a while. We say good morning to Steve (hopefully) and head downstairs for breakfast. Waffle/peanut butter/cream cheese is his breakfast of choice. I can get him to eat eggs, occasionally. I put on coffee and start our breakfast if Steve is home, or eat toast/peanut butter with Gabe.

645. Gianna is up. Nurse Gianna. Everyone gets dressed and we start playing. Coloring, reading books. Building towers. Gabe helps me load/unload the dishwasher. I try and pick up the kitchen really quickly and start a load of laundry. We vacuum. Gabe has an indoor ((((LOUD!!!!!))) mower that he uses while I vacuum.

845. Nurse and nap for Gianna. Gabe and I head outside. By this time, the dew is typically gone.  We spend the first hour or so weeding all of the flower beds. I feel so behind with them, but so many years of neglect makes lots of catch up! He has a little rake that he likes to follow me around with and
"fix the dirt." We then swing and play in the sandbox for about 30 minutes before her nap is over. He loves to identify planes. We build lots of sand castles.

1030. Gianna is up. Gabe is usually ready for something to eat, frozen gogurt or a banana. We Skype my sister once a week for a half an hour or so, and then play inside for a bit. It has been in the 80s already and we usually need a bit of a break from the sun.

1130. Nurse Gianna. Lunch for Gabe and Gianna. We try to catch my Mom or my other sister on Skype while he eats. We head outside for the next hour. Gianna swings or sits in the grass. Gabe plays with his bubble mower. I play with them, weed or we walk around the back yard. I am a fan of just letting him be. He really enjoys just being outside, which is wonderful. 

130. Nurse Gianna. Both kids go down for a nap.

130-330/430. I eat and pick up from lunch. Swap laundry. Clean. Mow. Work on projects if the time allows.

330. Gianna is up and nurses. We play downstairs for about an hour before he wakes.

430. We head back outside and get the mail. We play outside until Steve gets home (hopefully!).

6. If it is a running day (every other day), we load the kids in the double and go for a run. Once we get home, I pull dinner out for the grill/oven (usually prepped during naps when we run) while Steve plays with the kids. Lately, we eat right after she goes to bed (when we run).

7. Nurse and bed for Gianna. Dinner. Bath time for Gabe. We read a few books. They play for a few minutes.

730. Bed time. We spent the next 10-30 minutes picking up and putting dinner away.

8-10. We have a few hours to work on some projects. Lately, it has been framing the shed so we can dry wall it.

1AM. Nurse Gianna.
This sounds really boring, but I love it. Mondays are typically my shopping days. We go first thing in the morning and are back by her morning nap time. I try and get the house tackled on Mondays and Tuesdays. A day or two a week, we head to a park once she is up from her morning nap. We were on an antique store kick for a while during that time, as well. We go to Mass on Fridays and meet a group right after and are usually back around noon. Lately, we have been having viscous thunderstorms all afternoon, which makes that witching hours seem days long. (We were able to sneak in a library trip and a park today to compensate....hopefully!)
I love summer. We spend a lot of time outdoors. I love that we have a huge yard that he can just roam and explore.
So that was my day.

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