Monday, May 4, 2015

...updated front column...

The weather was absolutely amazing this weekend. We spent many hours outdoors, soaking up the sun. The kids spent a few hours on the swings and Gabe helped plant some plants and water some new reseeded areas. We are hosting a party for Steve's office this Friday, which gave us the extra oomph to finish some projects.
We spent the morning at a few nurseries, trying to find some plants for the converted waterfall/feature. We had two waterfalls/rock beds at the base of the patios, which made me nervous with little kids. We turned them into flower beds last weekend and were on the hunt for some hydrangeas and a ornamental Japanese Maple. We were slightly successful, but they aren't finished yet. Pictures to come!
We made a list of a few projects that would be fun to complete with Gabe and that we could realistically finish.....and then we decided to do something else as we left Mass.
We decided to update the post on our front porch. It is resin and structural, so we decided to wrap it in cedar. We didn't get started until halfway through the afternoon nap, and then stalled until bedtime. We were staining by flashlight, but we finished at 10PM! It is expected to rain for the next week, so we wanted something on the cedar to prevent it from weathering. We plan on some light sanding and another coat of the stain.
I love how it turned out. The flower beds need to be tarped and covered in rock, but that will be another weekend.

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