Thursday, June 25, 2015


...gianna...9 months. She is starting to walk while holding on to your hands. Her face is filled with joy while walking. Tooth six is almost through! 

...gabe...2.5. We were playing with playdoh this week and he oddly asked for some pictures. He said he wanted a picture of his playdoh. I told him to hold it up by his face. This is what I got. :). This week his phrase was, "I too tired, mommy. I nap, please."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

...picking flowers...

I always have these visions of how my children will be perfectly dressed, clean, and we happen to be frolicking outside (and I have my camera)....and BAM. Photo shoot. Perfect images, perfect kids.
It never happens. Gabe usually begs me to put it away and Gianna is always on top of me.

We had a really slow start to a day. It was 11AM and Gabe was still in his mismatched *should have never left his drawer* pajamas. We ventured outdoors in between the morning and afternoon storms to enjoy some non house time. 

I never take my camera outside. 

Gabe started sweetly picking a bouquet for me (his new favorite word). Gianna was eating every clover blossom in sight. I hesitated to run back inside and grab my camera, but I am thankful I did.

They don't match. Their faces are most likely dirty. But. This is life. My life.

I felt time slow down for a few moments.
He handed her a few, while she promptly chomped on them.
His small little hands kept perfecting his bouquet.
After he said he was finished, we started to go inside to put my bouquet in water. We were momentarily sidetracked as the neighbor was outside. We stopped to talk tko her for a few moments. Evidently, we stayed to long as he threw my bouquet into a nice poison ivy patch.
I couldn't help but laugh. Toddlers. Real life. It was perfect.




 gianna...9mo...She had her appointment this morning. 29.5 inches tall and 20 pounds. She can't get enough standing time. She claps constantly. Her favorite thing to do is dig and eat dirt. 

gabe...2.5mo...He is wanting to learn how to count. He asks about it constantly. "" Over and over. We drew a lot of rainbows with sidewalk chalk this week. He loves to fill in the colors himself.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


 gabe...2.5...Today, he wanted to wear monkey (like I do with Gianna). After I put him on, he said, "I mommy. Dishes." So we went and unloaded the dishwasher. Afterwords, I sat down to nurse Gianna, and he sat down and fed monkey. Right after monkey was done "eating," he got up and put him in time out. "Monkey in out." I asked him why and he responded, "Monkey hit me." A few moments passed, and he went and grabbed his monkey, said "sorry, monkey" and then kissed him. So funny.
gianna...9 months...I can't believe she is nine months old. She CAN'T let me out of her sight. She is happiest when she can climb all over me. She loves when I sit on the floor and she can just lay on me. Her hair is almost completely blond. She only wants to stand right now. Cute, but oiy is she vocal when she can't have her way ;).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...DIY: a $5 fireplace update!...


I love an affordable DIY, especially when they make a huge impact on a room. 

This fireplace is in great shape and is adorned with the typical brass plates. We looked into replacing them at our previous home but they were really expensive. So, we made a trip to a hardware store and picked up a $5 bottle of high heat spray paint. Within a few hours, the fireplace looked much better!

Remove the doors and apply a strip of tape, carefully sliding it behind the brass paint, if possible. I like the 3M painters tape as it removes easily and is residue free!

Tape a layer of newspaper over the glass, making sure that there are no gaps.

Here is my door, ready to paint. I actually laid it on top of a cooler, with a piece of hot pink poster board to prevent any over spray. A few light coats are key. Once they are dry, reattach.

Such a great update, don't you think?

Monday, June 8, 2015

...Summer Bucket List...


I love lists.
I thrive on lists.
I realized that this summer is flying by and there are a few things I want to make sure we appreciate with the kids.

Here is a bucket list for the summer (fun things..not projects ;)).
take the kids to the zoo
play in the sprinklers
make smores in the backyard
go camping
read books on a blanket outside
show them fireflies
go to a mudhens game
make popsicles
eat breakfast on the patio...LOTS
walk or bike to the local ice cream shop on a hot day
visit as many parks as possible
countless fire in the backyard pit

I love summer. Fresh amazing fruit. Warm runs. Barefoot. Flowers.

Friday, June 5, 2015

...some favorites...

This nail polish might be my favorite color, ever. It is more pearlescent than the left streak. A perfect natural. I bought this brand on a whim as the color matched perfectly. So far, the wear length (toe) is impressive. I am on day five, with several runs and outdoor barefoot days.

My next author to tackle....after I finish my Scott Hahn book that I have checked out twice.

One of these might work well in our currently decorless powerroom. Finishing touches. Oiy.
I am not a big jewel person. I fell in love with these, for some reason. I have always wanted a pair of shoes that I can dance in. These are finally it. Comfortable. Not too tall. Classy. I was in need of a pair in my closet as a few were on their way out.


Thursday, June 4, 2015


gianna...9 mo...You clapped this week and have found your hands for holding. You crawled up a stair into the kitchen. You stood holding onto the walker (I helped you up). You may??? have (what I consider) slept through the night (7PM to 5AM).  

gabe...2.5...You learned how to jump this week. I heard a bunch of thuds and giggles. You came running in and showed me, beaming, how you can jump. I asked you when did you learn how to jump??? "Me dad jumps. Me jump." You said I loved you mom. You started calling me momma. You started answering my "do you want to" questions with "Yes, I do momma." I gave you a hair cut and you were so mature! You said, "I love you, momma" today for the first time. Oiy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

...weekend recap...


I had a date this weekend. Like an actual get dressed up sans kid kind. We had a wedding to attend and my in-laws graciously offered to watch our children.
It poured. Like the hydroplane kind. I only freaked out momentarily...I MAY NEVER SEE MY KIDS AGAIN!!!WHY DID I LEAVE moment. Please tell me you have those.
We left around 1230 and didn't get home until 1030. That is the longest I have been away from my kids.
 Can I just say how refreshing it was?
There is something about weddings that ever more stirs up those butterflies in my stomach during those side glances at my Mr.
I caught a quick glance at our hands.
They look different than they did 5 years ago. A few more lines. Stronger. They looked stronger.
We had a few hours in between the Mass and the reception and we stopped for a smoothie. I felt like a high schooler on a prom date.
I love dancing with Steve. It is one of my favorite things to do with him. He is an awesome swing dancer. We were ready to drive the hour home, but hadn't danced yet. We waited and waited. It was worth it.
I did miss my kids. But, I lived and they lived. I missed my husband more.
Someone once told me to never stop dating your husband.
I love that advice.