Thursday, June 4, 2015


gianna...9 mo...You clapped this week and have found your hands for holding. You crawled up a stair into the kitchen. You stood holding onto the walker (I helped you up). You may??? have (what I consider) slept through the night (7PM to 5AM).  

gabe...2.5...You learned how to jump this week. I heard a bunch of thuds and giggles. You came running in and showed me, beaming, how you can jump. I asked you when did you learn how to jump??? "Me dad jumps. Me jump." You said I loved you mom. You started calling me momma. You started answering my "do you want to" questions with "Yes, I do momma." I gave you a hair cut and you were so mature! You said, "I love you, momma" today for the first time. Oiy.

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