Thursday, June 11, 2015


 gabe...2.5...Today, he wanted to wear monkey (like I do with Gianna). After I put him on, he said, "I mommy. Dishes." So we went and unloaded the dishwasher. Afterwords, I sat down to nurse Gianna, and he sat down and fed monkey. Right after monkey was done "eating," he got up and put him in time out. "Monkey in out." I asked him why and he responded, "Monkey hit me." A few moments passed, and he went and grabbed his monkey, said "sorry, monkey" and then kissed him. So funny.
gianna...9 months...I can't believe she is nine months old. She CAN'T let me out of her sight. She is happiest when she can climb all over me. She loves when I sit on the floor and she can just lay on me. Her hair is almost completely blond. She only wants to stand right now. Cute, but oiy is she vocal when she can't have her way ;).

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  1. What sweet moments with Gabe. I love how he wants to be a mommy just like you!