Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...DIY: a $5 fireplace update!...


I love an affordable DIY, especially when they make a huge impact on a room. 

This fireplace is in great shape and is adorned with the typical brass plates. We looked into replacing them at our previous home but they were really expensive. So, we made a trip to a hardware store and picked up a $5 bottle of high heat spray paint. Within a few hours, the fireplace looked much better!

Remove the doors and apply a strip of tape, carefully sliding it behind the brass paint, if possible. I like the 3M painters tape as it removes easily and is residue free!

Tape a layer of newspaper over the glass, making sure that there are no gaps.

Here is my door, ready to paint. I actually laid it on top of a cooler, with a piece of hot pink poster board to prevent any over spray. A few light coats are key. Once they are dry, reattach.

Such a great update, don't you think?

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