Thursday, June 18, 2015

...picking flowers...

I always have these visions of how my children will be perfectly dressed, clean, and we happen to be frolicking outside (and I have my camera)....and BAM. Photo shoot. Perfect images, perfect kids.
It never happens. Gabe usually begs me to put it away and Gianna is always on top of me.

We had a really slow start to a day. It was 11AM and Gabe was still in his mismatched *should have never left his drawer* pajamas. We ventured outdoors in between the morning and afternoon storms to enjoy some non house time. 

I never take my camera outside. 

Gabe started sweetly picking a bouquet for me (his new favorite word). Gianna was eating every clover blossom in sight. I hesitated to run back inside and grab my camera, but I am thankful I did.

They don't match. Their faces are most likely dirty. But. This is life. My life.

I felt time slow down for a few moments.
He handed her a few, while she promptly chomped on them.
His small little hands kept perfecting his bouquet.
After he said he was finished, we started to go inside to put my bouquet in water. We were momentarily sidetracked as the neighbor was outside. We stopped to talk tko her for a few moments. Evidently, we stayed to long as he threw my bouquet into a nice poison ivy patch.
I couldn't help but laugh. Toddlers. Real life. It was perfect.


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