Friday, June 5, 2015

...some favorites...

This nail polish might be my favorite color, ever. It is more pearlescent than the left streak. A perfect natural. I bought this brand on a whim as the color matched perfectly. So far, the wear length (toe) is impressive. I am on day five, with several runs and outdoor barefoot days.

My next author to tackle....after I finish my Scott Hahn book that I have checked out twice.

One of these might work well in our currently decorless powerroom. Finishing touches. Oiy.
I am not a big jewel person. I fell in love with these, for some reason. I have always wanted a pair of shoes that I can dance in. These are finally it. Comfortable. Not too tall. Classy. I was in need of a pair in my closet as a few were on their way out.


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