Wednesday, June 3, 2015

...weekend recap...


I had a date this weekend. Like an actual get dressed up sans kid kind. We had a wedding to attend and my in-laws graciously offered to watch our children.
It poured. Like the hydroplane kind. I only freaked out momentarily...I MAY NEVER SEE MY KIDS AGAIN!!!WHY DID I LEAVE moment. Please tell me you have those.
We left around 1230 and didn't get home until 1030. That is the longest I have been away from my kids.
 Can I just say how refreshing it was?
There is something about weddings that ever more stirs up those butterflies in my stomach during those side glances at my Mr.
I caught a quick glance at our hands.
They look different than they did 5 years ago. A few more lines. Stronger. They looked stronger.
We had a few hours in between the Mass and the reception and we stopped for a smoothie. I felt like a high schooler on a prom date.
I love dancing with Steve. It is one of my favorite things to do with him. He is an awesome swing dancer. We were ready to drive the hour home, but hadn't danced yet. We waited and waited. It was worth it.
I did miss my kids. But, I lived and they lived. I missed my husband more.
Someone once told me to never stop dating your husband.
I love that advice.

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