Friday, July 31, 2015


We finally have a picture of all of the cousins!! It took some baiting (marshmallows). 
gianna...10 months...I am thankful for you sleeping through the night again!!!
gabe...2.5 yo...You were so incredibly excited to get your dog back this week. She is such a good companion.

*Playing catch up.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

...our MT trip...

We just got back from our trip to Montana (yesterday). We are in the throes of jet lag and laundry, so naturally nap times means editing photos and blogging.

We were able to spend 8 days in Montana. I tried to completely unplug and enjoy the quiet. We spent the first two days at my sister's recuperating from travel. Gabe quickly fit right in and the kids never missed a beat. Trains, swings, laughing.

We then went to my parents for the next four days. I had forgotten how much I missed the prairie. Don't get me wrong, lush 24/7 is beautiful. But, the colors of the prairie are something that can't be beat. We built corrals, waded in the creek, rode horses, played cards. It was wonderful. 
We then spent the last two days at my sister's house as the airport was close by. We celebrated a birthday, chatted with dear friends, pet new puppies.
It was refreshing.

Don't worry, not everything was always picture perfect. We nearly missed our flight home. Jet lag was rough for a few days. BUT. It was completely worth it. I appreciate my family so much and we look forward to out next time there!

Gabe's vocabulary is exploding! 
He is learning some phrases new phrases too:
"Let her go to town" (Nana...Sis not go to town). 
While my mom was reading him a good night story (a bird fell out of a nest and she said he would walk away): Or Hop, Nana. (In a serious tone).

Friday, July 24, 2015



Gianna...10 months...She is quiet the flirt. She made eyes at my dad any chance she could while we were in MT. She just started doing this shrill trill noise. She is starting to really enjoy food. 

Gabe...2.5...He was FLAWLESS on the flights. People didn't even realize he was their. He LOVES horses. He wanted to spend every moment with them. It was fun watching him do puzzles that I grew up doing. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Gianna...10 months. You.Slept.Through.The.Night. Two nights in a row, actually. I was really struggling last week as you were up for a few hours at night. You kept standing in your crib and couldn't figure out how to stand. Many sleepless nights. I ended up adding a feeding right before I went to bed. My you are precious at 10 PM. You slept from 10-6. Wowza....
Gabe...2.5...This was a week where I honestly felt honored to be your mom. You just made me so happy to be around you. Dad will be gone for four days this week (conference). You miss him like crazy. You learned how amazing a hose can be :). 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

...Weekend Recap...

It was a good one.
I feel like we actually enjoyed just being.

We are *thankfully* in some sort of a running groove and training for the half is going well.
Typically: Run, Waffles, Coffee. We are done with the doors/casing upstairs!!

After our Sunday Mass/Donut tradition, Gabe asked if we could go to the store to look at lawnmowers. 
So we did. Lowes is his store of choice, due to the fantastic selection of outdoor lawnmowers. We never wants to sit in them or touch them. Just look.
We then made a trek back to appliances, where he giggled as he opened every refrigerator door. 
The afternoon was so perfect.
We started a fire.
Gabe roasted two hotdogs and two marshmallows. Steve finished the hot dogs. He was too stubborn for help (initially) with the marshmallows. He would stick it in the fire and remove it SECONDS later, inspect it, and say, "Marshmallow no brown." Rewind repeat for a few minutes before he let me help. 
He loves to play horseshoes with Steve. Steve will pitch and then Gabe will walk down and throw his (the red ones!) at the stake. 


Monday, July 13, 2015

...9 month update...

Miss Gianna. 9 months old.

Likes: ME. I dare not be out of her sight. Her preference is to be in my arms at all times. Period. Sweets. Her men make her light up like no tomorrow. She is busy. Crawling is still her method of transportation. However, she has recently decided that standing for a few seconds might not be such a bad thing. She loves to pull up on just about anything. She feels that messes and dirt are crucial. Her love of dandelions has not dwindled. Due to the lack of availability, she has been known to branch out to clover flowers. Her face lights up when she does something new. Standing on her tip toes? Amazing. Clapping? Oh, yes. She loves to throw her arms up in the air (We say, "SO BIG!").

Official Stats: 20 lbs. 29.5 in. She wears 24 month clothes consistently. 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom).

Says: Mumum. Daaada. (Arbitrarily)

Sleep. She still likes her naps at 9 and 1. Her morning nap is about 1.5 hours and the afternoon one is closer to 2.5 hours. Nighttime is a consistent 7-6 and typically wakes once.

Food. Not impressed. She will nibble on graham crackers, avocado, and yogurt. She did grab a piece of steak of my plate and refused to release it. I was proud.

Nicknames. We are working on curbing those. Gabe has just recently realized that she has a given name.

Her hair is soooo fair right now. It is hard to believe that it was once almost raven colored. Her eyes are still a brilliant blue. Her little legs are very tan from hours chasing dandelions and swinging. She recently donned her first pair of shorts (dresses were slowing her down too much!!) and my heart skipped a beat. Little baby calves. Adorable. I looked down at her legs the other day and they no longer look like baby legs.
You are such a blessing, my dear.

Friday, July 10, 2015


 gabe...2.5 yo. His favorite thing right now is playing "doctor." I think he is mimicking the chiropractor. He has me lay down on the floor and proceeds to give me a semi massage, the picks and drops each leg and then my head. "Me the Doctor, Mom. Me the big boy Doctor. Feel better."  He was not really interested in a picture, but I am trying to find ways to get in photos with my kids ;). Mission slightly accomplished.
gianna...10 months...I just realized I never did a nine month update. Soon. She is getting much more bold with standing/falling unassisted. She has had a rough week of sleep this week, but I am hopeful we we get back to a better night time schedule. Her favorite thing right now? ME. I can't get out of her sight. Period. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

...Our Fourth of July Staycation...

We had plans to go camping for a long weekend over the fourth of July. Unfortunately, Gianna became ill (roseola) early in the week and we were in no shape to camp.

It was a blessing in disguise.

We were both pretty burned out with long hours, a sick kid, and being gone on the weekends. We were still able to visit the grandparents at the campground for a few hours on the fourth, as it was only an hour away. 

The weekend was quiet and definitely a recharging weekend. We went on long runs, enjoyed slow mornings with copious amounts of coffee. We colored, we built towers, we FINISHED INSTALLING THE DOORS UPSTAIRS!!!! We hung out with friends and ate good food. 

It was our mini staycation. We might need to schedule one in every year.

Saturday, July 4, 2015



gianna...9 months...This is pretty much how you spent half of the week. You caught a nasty bug (roseola) that took it's toll for a few days. My poor girl. You tried your best to still smile. You did learn how to stand on your tiptoes and shake your head "no." We had lots of cuddles this week!

gabe...2.5 yo...Before your sister was ill, we met up with a friend at a farmer's market and then a petting zoo. You had a fantastic time!!! You had a bag of carrots (shortly stolen by the pictured goat) that you fed to anything that would look in your direction. You dashed toward every animal..."OH...HEY GUYS!!!!"...and quickly shoveled carrots into their thankful mouths. "Oh, here you go. Oh. Here is some..You need more." I couldn't believe how bold and confident you were. I LOVED it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

...a day for the books|Potty training and all...


I am smiling and laughing now. I tried to in the moment. BUT BOY. When I am my mom's age, I can fondly tell accident stories about my children.

Gianna has some sort of bug. She has had a fever for two days. Gabe had a really really slight cold? or allergies??? She seemed to be fever free yesterday morning, so I continued on with our plans of meeting a friend at the Farmers market and then to the petting zoo (about an hour away). About ten minutes into the journey, Gabe suddenly had a cold. His eyes were brimming with tears and he was sneezing up a storm. I decided to stop at Walgreens and grab some benadryl, just in case.

As I went to pluck Gianna from her car seat, I noticed that her grey pants and pink dress were a lovely shade of green. Just imagine my face as we scrambled into Walgreens, dripping babe and all, looking for an unmarked bathroom. Fortunately, a pharmacist saw my face and quickly said, "second door on the left." After all was cleaned. we quietly exited, our clothes wrapped in grocery sacks and a bag of licorice (it had to help ;))....Gabe's symptoms were gone and we continued on our way.

A lovely trip, wonderful conversation, and the kids had fun. 

Fast forward the rest of the day, to the tune of five explosive diapers.

4AM. Nursing session left me covered in diaper six. 

This morning, we decided to try the underwear/potty training (second time) as he has been going consistently three+ times a day for a solid two weeks. Why today? Good question. I know there is never a good time for changes like these....but a week of low sleep and sniffles make for some extra stress.

Gianna woke up this morning and went to get her, all the while Gabe was using the portable toilet. I sat to nurse her and unfortunately my feet found a present. Why did I give her carrots???? As I was scrubbing the carpet, I hear.....


My heart started racing as that would be the first time. I was fearing for the worst as the mini toilet was on the living room carpet.

He comes running at me with the green toilet insert. I saw just a small amount and then my heart a great deal was missing!!!
We went to place the toilet insert back and I found the remaining "deposit" on the toilet. YAY!
Not on the carpet......
So, we ventured to the powder room to clean up. And.I.Saw.The.Toilet.

Yes. You did try to clean up, sweet boy.

Shortly after, he found a dog stuffed animal. He has been taking him "potty" and he is now also wearing underwear.
He got a hug for peeing!
 So.....This is what we will be doing for the next few days. So far so good!