Thursday, July 2, 2015

...a day for the books|Potty training and all...


I am smiling and laughing now. I tried to in the moment. BUT BOY. When I am my mom's age, I can fondly tell accident stories about my children.

Gianna has some sort of bug. She has had a fever for two days. Gabe had a really really slight cold? or allergies??? She seemed to be fever free yesterday morning, so I continued on with our plans of meeting a friend at the Farmers market and then to the petting zoo (about an hour away). About ten minutes into the journey, Gabe suddenly had a cold. His eyes were brimming with tears and he was sneezing up a storm. I decided to stop at Walgreens and grab some benadryl, just in case.

As I went to pluck Gianna from her car seat, I noticed that her grey pants and pink dress were a lovely shade of green. Just imagine my face as we scrambled into Walgreens, dripping babe and all, looking for an unmarked bathroom. Fortunately, a pharmacist saw my face and quickly said, "second door on the left." After all was cleaned. we quietly exited, our clothes wrapped in grocery sacks and a bag of licorice (it had to help ;))....Gabe's symptoms were gone and we continued on our way.

A lovely trip, wonderful conversation, and the kids had fun. 

Fast forward the rest of the day, to the tune of five explosive diapers.

4AM. Nursing session left me covered in diaper six. 

This morning, we decided to try the underwear/potty training (second time) as he has been going consistently three+ times a day for a solid two weeks. Why today? Good question. I know there is never a good time for changes like these....but a week of low sleep and sniffles make for some extra stress.

Gianna woke up this morning and went to get her, all the while Gabe was using the portable toilet. I sat to nurse her and unfortunately my feet found a present. Why did I give her carrots???? As I was scrubbing the carpet, I hear.....


My heart started racing as that would be the first time. I was fearing for the worst as the mini toilet was on the living room carpet.

He comes running at me with the green toilet insert. I saw just a small amount and then my heart a great deal was missing!!!
We went to place the toilet insert back and I found the remaining "deposit" on the toilet. YAY!
Not on the carpet......
So, we ventured to the powder room to clean up. And.I.Saw.The.Toilet.

Yes. You did try to clean up, sweet boy.

Shortly after, he found a dog stuffed animal. He has been taking him "potty" and he is now also wearing underwear.
He got a hug for peeing!
 So.....This is what we will be doing for the next few days. So far so good!

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  1. Oh wow...some of parenting's better moments right there! I wish you both lots of success!