Thursday, July 30, 2015

...our MT trip...

We just got back from our trip to Montana (yesterday). We are in the throes of jet lag and laundry, so naturally nap times means editing photos and blogging.

We were able to spend 8 days in Montana. I tried to completely unplug and enjoy the quiet. We spent the first two days at my sister's recuperating from travel. Gabe quickly fit right in and the kids never missed a beat. Trains, swings, laughing.

We then went to my parents for the next four days. I had forgotten how much I missed the prairie. Don't get me wrong, lush 24/7 is beautiful. But, the colors of the prairie are something that can't be beat. We built corrals, waded in the creek, rode horses, played cards. It was wonderful. 
We then spent the last two days at my sister's house as the airport was close by. We celebrated a birthday, chatted with dear friends, pet new puppies.
It was refreshing.

Don't worry, not everything was always picture perfect. We nearly missed our flight home. Jet lag was rough for a few days. BUT. It was completely worth it. I appreciate my family so much and we look forward to out next time there!

Gabe's vocabulary is exploding! 
He is learning some phrases new phrases too:
"Let her go to town" (Nana...Sis not go to town). 
While my mom was reading him a good night story (a bird fell out of a nest and she said he would walk away): Or Hop, Nana. (In a serious tone).

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