Tuesday, July 14, 2015

...Weekend Recap...

It was a good one.
I feel like we actually enjoyed just being.

We are *thankfully* in some sort of a running groove and training for the half is going well.
Typically: Run, Waffles, Coffee. We are done with the doors/casing upstairs!!

After our Sunday Mass/Donut tradition, Gabe asked if we could go to the store to look at lawnmowers. 
So we did. Lowes is his store of choice, due to the fantastic selection of outdoor lawnmowers. We never wants to sit in them or touch them. Just look.
We then made a trek back to appliances, where he giggled as he opened every refrigerator door. 
The afternoon was so perfect.
We started a fire.
Gabe roasted two hotdogs and two marshmallows. Steve finished the hot dogs. He was too stubborn for help (initially) with the marshmallows. He would stick it in the fire and remove it SECONDS later, inspect it, and say, "Marshmallow no brown." Rewind repeat for a few minutes before he let me help. 
He loves to play horseshoes with Steve. Steve will pitch and then Gabe will walk down and throw his (the red ones!) at the stake. 


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