Wednesday, August 19, 2015

...first picture...

We try and meet Steve for lunch once a week....we do fairly well for a few weeks and then...we don't.

Today, we met him for lunch. It happened to be a coworker's birthday. They were passing around a birthday card to sign. Gabe is someone of a celebrity there, as he is the only little kid who ever comes to say hi. He refers to Steve's coworkers as "the guys." They all try desperately to get him to say hi or their name. Week after week. Nothing.

"I am too shy."

This week, we handed him the card. I told him to draw a person for the smiley face. He proceeded to draw the two reaaaaally long lines and out popped a little foot. I told him needed arms. He drew one straight out (right side) and one "up in the sky."

We then asked him to draw a school bus. I think it is fantastic (I know.......). He drew the windows with people, a bumper and a wheel. The rest of the works of art are less than identifiable. I believe the one on the bottom is  a plane. Regardless, that is the first time his "draw me a" objects have looked like anything!

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