Friday, August 21, 2015 of those moments...

As a mom, most of my days are relatively consistent. 
Wake up, feed kids, cloth kids, clean, nap/play, feed kids, nap/clean, cook, bathe...repeat.

Sometimes, the sweet moments of motherhood get lost in the shuffle.

The other day, my mother-in-law was talking to Gabe on the phone. I overheard her say "you are such a big boy." He was so quick to respond, "No, I not a big boy. I a baby. I mom's baby."

I constantly call him my "sweet baby boy."
(I do tell him his is such a big young man, too).

There are very few remnants of my babe left. He is all go all the time.

The only time I can hardly catch those still moments are the few seconds I pick him up after his nap. If I sneak in (without Gianna), I can steal about ten seconds of just him. His sighs. His smell. His sweet little body in my arms.

I had tried to concoct a way to capture a picture of that moment. Maybe, I could use the tripod, sneak in with a timer....maybe it would work. I knew that plan would be an epic fail.

As luck would have it, the kids slept late yesterday, and Steve was home early. I asked him if he would please take a picture of me holding him.

My heart almost explodes with this moment.

This moment? I live for this.


  1. Oh this is so precious! Your words say it perfectly, and the picture helps hold the memory!

  2. Oh, do I hope to remember this forever :).