Saturday, August 15, 2015

...Our PA trip...

I already briefly wrote about our road trip to PA. I just wanted to include a few more details and some pictures.
After arriving at 4PM on Thursday, we spent the evening getting out our pent up energy and going to bed early. It wasn't the best night for either of you, but it was honestly the best first night in a new place. Gianna was up from about 1-3AM. Fortunately, we didn't have a time change to content with, so our normal 6AM wakeup wasn't too crazy.
Friday...Your cousins came over and we spent the day playing in the house and outside in the yard. Gabe wasn't too sure about trekking up and down the hill of the yard. He sat down on his butt to scoot, but I asked his cousin to show him how to go down a hill (in his defense, it is quite steep). He said, "Ok, come on Gave." They walked down the hill hand in hand.
Fortunately, my cousin had her phone with her ;).
Saturday...We spent the morning driving around Nana's old neighborhood. We drove to see where her parents each grew up, Papa's favorite fishing spot, her old high school etc. My cousin and family arrived around noon and we grilled and talked out on the patio until late into the evening.
Sunday...We went to Mass at a little church in Dallastown. Everyone was up once we got back and we made a brunch (baked Amish oatmeal with fresh sliced peaches). My cousin and his family left that afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon looking at old pictures.
Monday...My uncle coordinated a brunch with any relative that was available. Close to 30 people were able to make, including Aunt Florus (Papa's youngest sister, 94) and Aunt Erma (second youngest, 96). Aunt Erma hasn't aged one bit in three years. Her memory is as sharp as ever. Aunt Toni and I left after two hours and went to an antique store. I finally found a stand for the living room!!! Of course, it was in PA and we had to carefully pack the car for the return trip!! My other cousin and his family stayed until really late the night before we left. Oh, was it wonderful to hang out with them. I so wish we lived closer.
Tuesday...We didn't leave as soon as we had hoped, but were on the road for Harrisburg by 11AM. We met up with Nonna and Nonno and continued on until Michigan. Let's just say, no one was amused with our shouting nursery rhymes to pass the time ;). 9.5 hours were nestled in your beds!!! You were so elated to see dad.
I was really glad we were able to see everyone. We attempted this same trip last summer and had two turn around four hours into the drive due to our newly purchased house being vandalized. I was sad Steve couldn't come this trip. Mostly, we all dearly missed my Aunt. We had hoped to see her again before she lost her battle with cancer. Though there were many tears shed, I do think she was happy we made it.
"Catching butterflies."

Early morning wakeup.

Pushing the tractor.


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