Thursday, August 13, 2015


The last month has been busy.
Steve was traveling for a conference, we spent time in Montana, we were home for a few days, and then the kids and I (+ my mom) drove to Pennsylvania.
Any sane person would have probably told us we were crazy....they were right.
My mom took a red eye and then a transportation service (aka limo) to our house at 430AM on last Thursday. She arrived at 545, just as Steve was leaving for work. We threw the final items in the car and waited for the kids to awaken. We were on the road by 7AM.
When I tell you the kids were perfect on the way out, I mean perfect. We stopped three times over the course of a 7.5 hour drive and made it in just under 9 hours.
There were tunnels. Something I am not that fond of....and weren't aware of!!! when we left.
We spent the next six days at my Uncle's house.
My goodness. The peaches. My mom used to tell us stories about amazing soft ball size peaches from her childhood. I believe her.
We spent every day with my cousin's wife and kids. I wish she lived closer.
We literally basked in the love and company of family.
They are the type of family that you can pick up right where you left off, even if it has been years.
On the way back, we rendezvoused with my grandparents, and continued on to Michigan. That part was the *crazy lady you have two kids!!* part. We survived.
Someone...maybe have cried/screamed all 9.5 hours home. If only it was me ;).
I have a few pointers for those contemplating long travel with toddlers:
travel early (right after wake up; eat breakfast in the car)
keep snacks in a small container - we used a fabric 12x12 small tote
keep toys in a small bag
mess free (ish) snacks
try to stop every three hours

Some toys that were beneficial:
jelly roll pan
crayons/washable markers
magnet letters/numbers
silly putty in a can (gabe played for 4 hours with it on the way out)
matchbox car
number and color flash cards

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