Monday, September 28, 2015

...Weekend Recap: Pumpkin Farm...

It feels like fall.
We did our annual trip to the local pumpkin farm.
Gabe talked about getting a pumpkin all of last week. We was extremely excited when we pulled in. He wanted 7,201 pumpkins.
"This one and this one and this one and this one," as he walked through the rows and piles.

 He road the wood plane, the tractor, and picked out gourds. This is such a fun age. Gianna was thrilled to be near him and ride the tractor.

We will most likely be back, as we didn't partake in the fresh cider and donuts.
Another time.

He was devastated once we got back in the car as all he wanted to do was eat the pumpkins.


Thursday, September 24, 2015


gianna...1...She sings "eeeeyy yaaaaa eeeeyy yaaaa" constantly. She giggles when you copy her and while instantly chime in. She is almost the proud owner of two more top teeth.
gabe...almost 3..."I am touching my black things..." while holding on to his eyelashes. We have been working on items that are similar this week. He has a puzzle that says the name of the letter and an associated word. He placed the "H" and said it is "for pumps boooad." Smartie.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

...Weekend recap: the half...


I did it. I ran my first half this weekend. I am just going to brag on my husband just a bit. We spent the last 12 weeks training for this. He made sure that I could make training a priority. He pushed the kids We ran in the extreme heat, in the rain, 3 mile runs, and twelve mile runs. He pushed them without complaint. Yes, we missed a few runs...but we did our best. He is quite a bit faster than me, but trained with me. 

He placed #67 out of 1400 runners!

I didn't make my goal, but I finished. I wanted to finish at 9 minute miles. I missed that goal and finished at 2:02, which I felt was respectable given the difficulty of the course. I had 8:45s going into mile 8 and then kind of fell apart. But that is ok! It was my first and I was still in the top 25% of females :). Next time...Of course, Gabe spiked a 103 fever the night before and we were up until about 2AM and then up at 5 for the race, but I wouldn't have changed it.

My father in-law graciously paced me. I can hardly wait for that 13.1 sticker and am honestly scoping out a possible future race (not this year). It was challenging with kids, but we want them to know how much of a priority fitness and health are for our family.

Monday, September 14, 2015

...Weekend Recap: tractors|painting|parks...

 We put in our last long run before our half marathon on Saturday. The weather was in the 40s when we left (YAY!!) and it felt just grand to not be running in extreme heat. While Gianna napped, we did a quick clean out of the garage. WE FINALLY GOT RID OF THE LAST MOVING BOX. Wow. That felt amazing. Sadly, some of the odds and ends are currently residing in my laundry room, which is making my blood pressure rise ;). I will get to it...tomorrow.

We took the kids to the local community days. This was only the 4th year, so it was small and we didn't know what to expect. They didn't have all of the advertised events (hot air balloon rides, face painting, antique show, pony rides....), but it was still a big hit. They had two steam tractors, which were quite entertaining. Steve and Gabe sadly got covered in a blast of steam/oil, but that couldn't slow the excitement. They had about twenty tractors that meandered through so he could "drive" them.

We made a quick decision to paint the shed in the back yard after their afternoon nap. After a spendy trip to H.D. for paint/supplies, we got to work. Gabe had the absolute best time. He didn't want to stop. We continued after Mass on Sunday. We painted for hours and not a grumble (except to quit for the day).
"Don't worry, Mom...sometimes it drips." 
We met friends at a park (Steve had a work event) on Sunday evening. Gianna spent the time crawling up and down the slides. The giggles were adorable. A gentleman gave Gabe and his friend some bread to feed the ducks. They were so cute. It was an action packed weekend, but so much fun.
cell phone picture with the ducks.

Friday, September 11, 2015


gabe...almost 3...Your funny quotes of the week: 
"Mom, I got pregnant last summer (giraffe is stuffed in his shirt)....I had a baby. I ate a lot. I had a boy like mommy." Ha!

(He has a toy phone or remote that plays "do you know the muffin man?" I was singing it to him:
Gabe, do you know the muffin man? No, mom. I don't. I don't like this toy cause he asks if i know the muffin man. I don't, mom. Ok, Gabe...tell him you don't know him. Mom, the toy doesn't have any ears." Silly me.
 We played with playdoh for hours this week. You are singing songs!! Oh, does that make my heart smile.
gianna...1...You are a chatterbox. Constantly telling these elaborate stories, complete with extravagant hand gestures and furrowed brows. You are so close to walking. You are a bit under the weather (vaccinations) today, so no 1 year pictures. Hopefully next week I will have your stats up. Let's just say, You can wear 2T and 3T clothing. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

...Gianna's 1st birthday...

 Sweet baby girl,
You turned one. ONE. I can hardly believe it. You are sweet, loud, and you have our hearts. We had a simple party on Sunday. Gabe and I made you cupcakes. We nearly burned them as you fell on something and gave yourself a shiner, while Gabe slammed his fingers in his closet door, all of course as the timer was going off. Memories. We frosted animals crackers and you loved them. Pumpkin bread might be your favorite thing. We had a yogurt bar and I made an asparagus/Gruyere pastry. Simple. There was your sweet little cake. I copied a friend on that one. Dad says there is only one flavor of cake, funfetti. For his little girl, only the best.

You didn't taste a bite. After merely touching the frosting, you were DONE. Oh well ;). Maybe you will be like mom and dad and not really care for it. Your brother ate the frosting off a cupcake and you sampled/smeared the cupcake portion.

Grandma/Grandpa, Busia, Uncle Kyle, and Uncle Brian/Aunt Kristi came down for the day. You loved your water table from dad and I. Your brother was proud to give you a new cup. He picked it out.

You were held, loved, kissed and celebrated.

Love you, lady.

...toy room organization...

Clutter makes my head spin.
Scattered toys make me mentally break into a sweat.

I wish I was joking. I definitely feel the need to go through our toys and purge about 75% of them. They seem to multiply while I sleep.

I have long term plans for the "toy room." It currently houses (and will always) our piano and our instruments. It is a very large room with not much light. I need to repaint it a lighter color, hopefully this fall. We currently have  a toy box and a basket to "manage" the toys. The basket was to house toys that were age appropriate for Gianna. I quickly looked the other morning and isn't working.

As of now, they are both bountifully overflowing.

I love the thought of things like this: 

But, each of those have reasons they won't work. Our toys don't fit into a 12x12 shape. Trucks. Trucks. Trucks. Planes. Tools. Etc. Our toy room is carpeted, so wheels would really be impractical (and little fingers!!!). I love the rustic industrial feel, however, call me strange...but I don't really want to look at the toys. 

So, I have thoughts of building something like this:

I am a basket person. I love them. Or at least the thought of them. I have a feeling that they wouldn't hold up to the abuse they might endure, or be that helpful in terms of actual storage of said offenders. 

So...something like these have caught my eye...grown up toy room storage, if you will.
Storage bins. Laundry hampers. Floor bins.
I want something that they can move themselves, Something that could be re-purposed as they grow. Something that I wouldn't mind being in a room ;).

We are finished with installing the doors!!! Painting and trimming are next, but I feel like the next room that needs to be functional is the toy room. 

How do you contain your toys?

Friday, September 4, 2015

...Play together...

They started "playing" together this week. I have caught them a few times a day playing peacefully and joyfully with the same toy. This was a hot and humid morning. We were already undressed and in the little kiddie pool by 8AM (well, Gianna chose to wear those filthy PJs). It had rained the night prior, and our beloved sidewalk chalks were floating in a bucket of water. More fun that way. They colored until she had nary a white speck on her pajamas and then they splashed in the pool until her morning nap. I did manage to slowly sip my coffee, so I will call it a win. I loved their little shadows.


gianna...ALMOST A YEAR!! This is her smirk. She always squints her little eyes and wrinkles her nose after she smiles at you. She can now stand from a seated position. She took a few steps from either my hands or the sofa. She loves her bananas. She just started crawling to the bookshelf, pulling off all of the contents and paging through them one by one. 
 gabe...almost 3...He is really into coloring right now. He is so very helpful. He picks all of his clothes out most mornings. He can usually get dressed and buckled in the car seat. SO MUCH HELP. We have spent countless hours trying to escape the heat by splashing in the pool. He loves to run through the sprinkler and fill that red bucket.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

...the scientist...

These were from an afternoon back at the beginning of August.

I was cleaning out Gianna's closet and found a box of Medela bottles that I had never opened. The kids thought they were the most fantastic toys. We ended up taking them outside.

Gabe quickly lined them up, filled them with red leaves and continued to inspect his specimens. After he was satisfied with his collection, he showed them to me. I barely got a picture taken before they were dumped. He then spent the next few minutes collecting the perfect green leaves for his collection.

Love his inquisitive mind. Gianna, meanwhile chewed on a lid. 

Who knew they worked just as well as specimen jars ;).

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

...the caretaker...


Right now, that couldn't describe him any better. I pray that never changes.

He is just starting to tell me stories, the kind that are paragraphs long. I love hearing the weaving tales about his toys and places he has gone.

Today? "Mommy" was sick. He has two lovies, both giraffes. They have flown across the country, been drug through every floor, up and down the stairs countless times. They are "mommy" and "baby."

Mommy became ill suddenly. I looked up and he had a saw to toy fix her (tenderhearted, but all boy...there was a moment where she "flew"...aka he threw her at the wall????). He "went to the doctor for her medicine. The doctor was at the store. So I fix her. Hold her please. It's OK, mommy. She needs a nap."

He wrapped her up in his beloved blankets and held her while rocking and sweetly talking to her. 
He carried her around in the yellow milk crate so she could sleep.
Hopefully, she will be better in the morning!!