Friday, September 11, 2015


gabe...almost 3...Your funny quotes of the week: 
"Mom, I got pregnant last summer (giraffe is stuffed in his shirt)....I had a baby. I ate a lot. I had a boy like mommy." Ha!

(He has a toy phone or remote that plays "do you know the muffin man?" I was singing it to him:
Gabe, do you know the muffin man? No, mom. I don't. I don't like this toy cause he asks if i know the muffin man. I don't, mom. Ok, Gabe...tell him you don't know him. Mom, the toy doesn't have any ears." Silly me.
 We played with playdoh for hours this week. You are singing songs!! Oh, does that make my heart smile.
gianna...1...You are a chatterbox. Constantly telling these elaborate stories, complete with extravagant hand gestures and furrowed brows. You are so close to walking. You are a bit under the weather (vaccinations) today, so no 1 year pictures. Hopefully next week I will have your stats up. Let's just say, You can wear 2T and 3T clothing. 

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