Tuesday, September 8, 2015

...Gianna's 1st birthday...

 Sweet baby girl,
You turned one. ONE. I can hardly believe it. You are sweet, loud, and you have our hearts. We had a simple party on Sunday. Gabe and I made you cupcakes. We nearly burned them as you fell on something and gave yourself a shiner, while Gabe slammed his fingers in his closet door, all of course as the timer was going off. Memories. We frosted animals crackers and you loved them. Pumpkin bread might be your favorite thing. We had a yogurt bar and I made an asparagus/Gruyere pastry. Simple. There was your sweet little cake. I copied a friend on that one. Dad says there is only one flavor of cake, funfetti. For his little girl, only the best.

You didn't taste a bite. After merely touching the frosting, you were DONE. Oh well ;). Maybe you will be like mom and dad and not really care for it. Your brother ate the frosting off a cupcake and you sampled/smeared the cupcake portion.

Grandma/Grandpa, Busia, Uncle Kyle, and Uncle Brian/Aunt Kristi came down for the day. You loved your water table from dad and I. Your brother was proud to give you a new cup. He picked it out.

You were held, loved, kissed and celebrated.

Love you, lady.

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