Tuesday, September 1, 2015

...the caretaker...


Right now, that couldn't describe him any better. I pray that never changes.

He is just starting to tell me stories, the kind that are paragraphs long. I love hearing the weaving tales about his toys and places he has gone.

Today? "Mommy" was sick. He has two lovies, both giraffes. They have flown across the country, been drug through every floor, up and down the stairs countless times. They are "mommy" and "baby."

Mommy became ill suddenly. I looked up and he had a saw to toy fix her (tenderhearted, but all boy...there was a moment where she "flew"...aka he threw her at the wall????). He "went to the doctor for her medicine. The doctor was at the store. So I fix her. Hold her please. It's OK, mommy. She needs a nap."

He wrapped her up in his beloved blankets and held her while rocking and sweetly talking to her. 
He carried her around in the yellow milk crate so she could sleep.
Hopefully, she will be better in the morning!!


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