Tuesday, September 22, 2015

...Weekend recap: the half...


I did it. I ran my first half this weekend. I am just going to brag on my husband just a bit. We spent the last 12 weeks training for this. He made sure that I could make training a priority. He pushed the kids We ran in the extreme heat, in the rain, 3 mile runs, and twelve mile runs. He pushed them without complaint. Yes, we missed a few runs...but we did our best. He is quite a bit faster than me, but trained with me. 

He placed #67 out of 1400 runners!

I didn't make my goal, but I finished. I wanted to finish at 9 minute miles. I missed that goal and finished at 2:02, which I felt was respectable given the difficulty of the course. I had 8:45s going into mile 8 and then kind of fell apart. But that is ok! It was my first and I was still in the top 25% of females :). Next time...Of course, Gabe spiked a 103 fever the night before and we were up until about 2AM and then up at 5 for the race, but I wouldn't have changed it.

My father in-law graciously paced me. I can hardly wait for that 13.1 sticker and am honestly scoping out a possible future race (not this year). It was challenging with kids, but we want them to know how much of a priority fitness and health are for our family.

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