Monday, September 14, 2015

...Weekend Recap: tractors|painting|parks...

 We put in our last long run before our half marathon on Saturday. The weather was in the 40s when we left (YAY!!) and it felt just grand to not be running in extreme heat. While Gianna napped, we did a quick clean out of the garage. WE FINALLY GOT RID OF THE LAST MOVING BOX. Wow. That felt amazing. Sadly, some of the odds and ends are currently residing in my laundry room, which is making my blood pressure rise ;). I will get to it...tomorrow.

We took the kids to the local community days. This was only the 4th year, so it was small and we didn't know what to expect. They didn't have all of the advertised events (hot air balloon rides, face painting, antique show, pony rides....), but it was still a big hit. They had two steam tractors, which were quite entertaining. Steve and Gabe sadly got covered in a blast of steam/oil, but that couldn't slow the excitement. They had about twenty tractors that meandered through so he could "drive" them.

We made a quick decision to paint the shed in the back yard after their afternoon nap. After a spendy trip to H.D. for paint/supplies, we got to work. Gabe had the absolute best time. He didn't want to stop. We continued after Mass on Sunday. We painted for hours and not a grumble (except to quit for the day).
"Don't worry, Mom...sometimes it drips." 
We met friends at a park (Steve had a work event) on Sunday evening. Gianna spent the time crawling up and down the slides. The giggles were adorable. A gentleman gave Gabe and his friend some bread to feed the ducks. They were so cute. It was an action packed weekend, but so much fun.
cell phone picture with the ducks.

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  1. How fun that you let Gabe help paint! And a half marathon?! You strong, brave woman!