Monday, October 5, 2015

...a three year old birthday party...

We had a construction themed party for your third birthday. You were ever so excited about that "backhoe cupcake." You helped me prep all of the favors: you and dad made wood mallets for the hammering activity, you helped make rice krispie paint brushes, we picked construction themed images to print for coloring, you helped wrap water bottles with caution tape.

Friends and family joined us for a lunch party. A cold and drizzly morning made for a fantastic soup party. We made you a work bench and I wish I had videoed your face when we showed it to you! You didn't want to come back to the house to open presents with family. We played, ate, and watched you be such a sweet young man.

This cake was all you wanted: 

 Unfortunately, the weather was drizzly, so everything was inside, but you were all smiles. I purchased floral foam and we used our wood mallets to hammer nails into the foam.

You were so excited to put your tools on your work bench.

There probably aren't many three year olds that receive adult tools for their birthday. You are so careful, capable and responsible. You used your ratchet to attach your vise to your bench with dad. You used your electric screwdriver to finish the installation. You looked so happy spending time with dad "working."
Love you, little Mr.

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